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2012 Projects

2011-01-14 13:50:04 by thies

Hey. Here's a list of stuff I plan to make in 2012, not that anyone cares, but whatever.
I won't probably do all those things, but I hope I finish as much as possible.


- Anatomy drawing. I have been practicing anatomy lately, you can watch some of it in my art thread.
- I will be submitting some shirt designs to Theadless
- I might make one of those Art History things where you can see how you've improved over the years.
- A big drawing of Tom and all NG characters (how original) that I might use for the next Calendar competition or something.
- Art Collab (Maybe)

If you want to see some of my art, here's some links:

DeviantArt (Which I don't really use anymore)
NG Art
My Art Thread


- I Like Cookies, a small animation of the song I Like Cookies from Father-Of-Death.
- The Golden Butten. Yes, it's another one of those button games like The Big Red Button etc. But this one is going to have something special. I hope I will finish it.
- A really big adventure game that I'm making with my brother that also has something special, I'm not really gonna say anything about it.
- Short animations of comics I made
- A possible series called Trollschool which I will probably not make.
- A tutorial on drawing anatomy (if I'm good enough at it myself :p)


A couple of months ago I have started a (web)comic. It was first called LameAssComics, but I have changed the name because I didn't really like it. So now the comic is called Afro Whale.

2012 Projects


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2011-03-21 15:24:55

the thumbnail grap was vet goed gedaan vriend

thies responds:

dankjewel man!


2011-03-23 13:38:42

en je strip zijn ook well erg goed eeh anders zet je die toch ook op

thies responds:

die staan er al op volgens mij..


2011-03-28 12:43:32

okay sorry


2011-10-21 22:02:49

Eye see you have a good sense of humor. Harty Har Har.


2012-01-20 14:51:57

Eye like titties.


2014-10-09 16:43:20

Not sure if you check your account anymore, but today you're User of the Day. Congrats!